Is Your Hair Made of Donuts

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Matt Blossom

Matt Blossom

Did You Know?

10.Secretly, he dreams about growing super tall and becoming a professional basketball player.

9.Absolutely his favorite game is building creations out of recycled boxes and then painting them in red and blue to create amazing cities of the future.

8.He loves stories about the Greek Gods and dreams about visiting Zeus’ home on Mt. Olympus.

7.Farming rocks! He loves getting his hands dirty and pulling fresh vegetables from the ground.

6.At night, he pretends to be an astronaut launching into space investigating new galaxies.

5.He loves to fly large oversized kites by the beach on a windy day.

4.His favorite animals are penguins.

3.Loves dressing up as a ghost.

2.He thinks it is funny to eat his food like a caveman.

1.He loves to do a circle dance with his family- Shh- it’s a secret.