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Maddie Blossom

Maddie Blossom

Did You Know?

10.She loves scary roller coasters that go loop de loop. The faster the better.

9.She loves to cook up her own culinary creations that have a French flair- Oui, oui, the more heavy cream the better.

8.Adventure is her middle name. She loves to dream about new places to visit and new foods she can try from these new lands. Pad Thai is one of her favorite dishes.

7.Zebras and Polar bears are her favorite animals and she plans on taking her brother on a backyard expedition to look for these creatures.

6.She loves to read books about women pianists. She has a hankering for Clara Schumann’s music.

5.She adores playing the piano, harpsichord and organ. And yes, in that order.

4.She is learning to become multilingual with languages including Spanish, Italian and French to help her know how to order yummy food wherever her adventures take her.

3.She LOVES LOVES LOVES the color pink. The more pink the better. Guess what color her bicycle is? Pink. And guess what color her tree house is? Pink. How did you guess that?

2.She sleeps with her pinkie baby blanket. Shhh, don’t tell anyone this. Ok!

1.She does not like to blow her nose.