Is Your Hair Made of Donuts

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AuthorJoy Feldman

Joy Feldman

10 Things You Didn't Know About Joy

10.Her favorite colors are pale blue and pale pink.

9.She loves going to the beach early in the morning and bringing her pooch along to swim in the ocean. Her dog then loves to shake off the ocean water so Joy gets all wet.

8.She enjoys taking photographs of her family doing silly things and making silly faces.

7.She loves to read all kinds of books and especially likes those that make her laugh out loud.

6.She wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice when she was growing up.

5.When she was about 5 years old, she picked all the tulips in the neighborhood so her mom could have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her kitchen table. Shh—the neighbors did not know what happened to their tulips. Don’t tell.

4.She loves all kinds of animals, but especially dogs.

3.She loves to laugh and especially loves laughing until she turns red.

2.Loves cooking up delicious food, but does not love cleaning up the mess after. Yucky.

1.Loves being a mom!

About Joy

When she was a kid, she was the one with the candy in her lunch box. Cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate covered peanuts, lollipops and oh my, donuts were her favorite. She especially liked the swirly ones covered in cinnamon and sugar. Thankfully, she learned one day that all this sugar was not making her feel good. It was harming her health. So she began to change her diet, and began making healthier choices that changed her health and her life.

She is also the author of the award winning book Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health, a book that helps grownups and kids cook up some delicious healthy choices. Many years ago, she was pretty sick and wanted to help people feel better. She hopes that when kids grow up, they will make great food choices by understanding that they are what they eat. This will help them learn to be strong and healthy. It is her hope that Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? will educate young people on just that...You are what you eat.

A native New Yorker, relocated to Rhode Island by way of Arizona, Joy lives with her husband, two children, and her silly Springer Spaniel, not too far from the beautiful beach.