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IllustratorAmanda Mueller

Amanda Mueller

Things You Didn't Know About Amanda

10.She loves avocados & pickles.

9.She has a stuffed cat named George (because she's allergic to real cats).

8.When she was little, she wanted to be an ice cream truck driver when she grew up.

7.She loves summer camp.

6.She still likes to play 'dress up' (She's 26 years old).

5.She is learning how to play the harmonica.

4.She still has a 'blankie'.

3.She collects cups.

2.Her favorite number is 9.

1.She's a 'grown-up' who gets to 'color' every day for a living!

About Amanda

Amanda was born and raised in Arizona. Her art career began as a young child and by age sixteen she was selling her work and painting freelance portraiture.

In 2004, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design. After four years of studying illustration, she graduated and received her BFA. Now, she currently resides in San Diego, California, where she works as a freelance artist and designer.