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Cooking Up Ideas Nutrition and what children eat is inextricably tied to their well-being. When children make excellent food choices, and are well nourished, it is easy to see that healthy child as resilient and eager to learn. Why? Food is the body's basic fuel and it requires a nutrient rich and balanced diet in order to work properly. The body, an energy-producing machine, requires stable fuel such as proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. Sugar, carbohydrates, sodas, fruit, breads, pasta, and candy are not stable fuels. They do not strengthen the body. It is my hope, that through Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? that children will begin to learn and understand thatthe right foods matter.

In my experience, children are especially vulnerable to poor nutrition and are very responsive to good nutrition. Cooking Up Ideas They have tremendous internal demands on their bodies for growth and development. There is, in fact, a major construction project going on all of the time with children as you are building a system and laying down the structures for a lifetime. When you are tending a garden you can see your plants wilt when they do receive what they need to be maintained.

quote Are you a teacher trying to convince your students to eat healthy? Be sure you invite Joy Feldman to read her new children's book, Cooking Up Ideas "Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?" your students will be tickled by this laugh-out-loud story! You'll hear oohs and ahhs when they set their eyes on Ms. Feldman's very own donut hat!quote

quoteOur pre-school and kindergarten students are now eager to eat healthy after meeting Matthew and Madison! Many thanks to Ms. Feldman for her visit and her wonderful new book that reminds your students about healthy food choices! quote

- Lori Ann Amore, Father John V. Doyle School

Today, many of the symptoms we see in children can be lessened with proper support. We don't put milk in our cars for fuel- we use what would be right for the connections to be complete. For a light bulb to be on, the light needs to be plugged into a source. Like these examples, the body needs to be engaged in the process of breaking down fuel to produce energy in a steady and even way. It is my experience that there really are no short cuts around good basic eating and plenty of rest. It is my hope that through school visits and educational programs students will learn the importance of excellent nutrition.


  • Less than 10% of high school students eat the recommended servings of vegetables and fruits each day.
  • If you drink just one can of a sugar sweetened soft drink each day, you could gain 15 pounds a year.
  • 21 million students received free or reduced lunches. That is a lot of children depending on school lunches and breakfast for their daily food intake. As a nation, we owe our children more than the artifically processed fast food available in cafeterias. They can form their eating habits as children continue to grow and develop.
  • Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States - triple the rate from just one generation ago.

AUTHOR VISITS with Joy Feldman

Thank you for your interest in having me visit your school or organization!

I am an author and I just love being with kids, parents, and educators who love books and love learning about food and health. I have tailored programs for audiences aged 4-10 years old. I really enjoy working with children, parents, and educators while bringing my books to life.

So how does having me visit your organization work, exactly?

The visit includes up to three super lively sessions with students, a shorter session for preschool or kindergarten, a book signing, plus a snack time with the author. Students of all ages will get excited about opening books, reading and writing.

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If the students would like to pre-order books, I would be thrilled to sign any books they order on the day of the visit.

During my visit to your school, one suggestion for having an exciting visit can include a snack time with a select group of students.This is ideal for a particular group of students who struggle with writing or who need some extra encouragement, or those students who earn it through their efforts at school. Or maybe they're selected by lottery? Regardless, I am happy to spend some scheduled time with a smaller, intimate grouping, discussing writing and books. You will find that writing has never been so delicious! Make sure to check your hair for sprinkles... hmmm... or is it sparkles?

In some communities local credit unions, banks, companies, and supermarkets will partner with you so every child gets a book to take home. While not mandatory, it is a nice thing to do and I am pleased to make my book available at a wholesale rate for group purchase.

If you work with a school, library or book store interested in hosting a visit with me, simply contact me by emailing me your request at:

*please include your location and the date you're considering. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and together we will tailor-make an extra-special event for your venue. Thank you!

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